Thanks in Advance!

We are better together! Below you will find multiple ways for you to partner with me in supplying you will helpful tools to maximize your life, spread the Good News of Jesus to the masses, provide scholarships and financial support to students, all while finding fulfillment as a philanthropist or generous contributor to this area of God’s work. Thanks in advance for considering.

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Partners will enable us to share Jesus and help maximize the potential of others in the US and abroad. Through your support and generosity, the work of ministry brings hope and empowerment to people when the need it most.

What is a Partner?

A partner takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. I appreciate you deciding to partner! We are currently believing for committed individuals who share in the mission and vision to advance the Kingdom of God by:

  • Maximizing the Potential of others in a holistic approach.

  • Sharing the heart and mind of Jesus to people in every place.

  • Loving people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Empowering believers with tools and resources to be better.

  • Providing gatherings that promote unity and gift/skill sharing.

Our commitment to you:

  • Pray for you daily.

  • Grant you access to a private section of this website with an overflow of life transforming information.
  • Provide you with tools and resources for your life enhancement, spiritual growth and professional development monthly via mail, website, or event.

  • To be a faithful steward over all financial donations.

Your commitment to us:

  • Pray for DSR2, his family, and the ministry team.

  • Attend DSR2, CMI, or WIT events when your schedule allows.

  • Share how the partnership has blessed your life.

  • Support DSR2 with your monthly financial pledge and aid in advancing the kingdom of God.

Partnership Includes:

  • FREE CROWN – Immediate Access to a private section of this website with various learning modules and devotional videos provided to max your potential.

  • FREE CROWN – occasional emails with the 411, event discounts, reduced price resources and more.

    • GOLD CROWN – VIP seating at all conferences hosted by DSR2. (approximately 3-6 annually)

    • GOLD CROWN – Quarterly Live and GOLD CROWN Partner Exclusive Teleconference.

    • GOLD CROWN – 50% Discount on select resources and events.

    • GOLD CROWN – Monthly empowerment Gifts via online modules, or gifts in the mail.

    • GOLD CROWN – I will advertise your upcoming events, & give shout outs during DSR2 events.

  • PREACHING COACH – Video modules to assist in enhancing your preaching
  • PREACHING COACH – Submit your sermon for review
  • PREACHING COACH – Be added to a private PPG Preaching FB Group where we discuss sermons, provide constructive critque on your sermons
  • PREACHING COACH – Get invited to the nearest National STYBERG PEER PREACHING GROUP hosted by Garrett Seminary of Northwestern Univ.
  • PREACHING COACH – VIP meet and greets with Internationally, nationally, and local renown preachers to grow your preaching gift.

Your monthly $19.99 partnership gift, helps DSR2 to increase investing in touching hundreds and thousands of lives through the daily devotional streams, hosting of live events, providing on demand video content and other platforms used to spread the word of the Lord. Your PARTNERSHIP funds student scholarships, while assisting us in Maximize the Potential in Kingdom and Corporate lives of others while helping others SEE JESUS. #WeAreBetterTogether

Choose Your Partnership Level

Level Price  
FREE Crown Club Free. Select
GOLD CROWN CLUB $19.99 per Month. Select
Preaching Coach $19.99 now. Select

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Assist A Student

Let’s give them a great start! Below you will find opportunities to help us fund scholarships for students, sponsor current student programs, and assisting students in achieving their academic dreams. Consider a donation now.

Dress 4 Success

Customize your own business apparel and support young men pursuing college all at the same time. CLICK HERE TO START CUSTOMIZING YOUR APPAREL. Portions of all of these proceeds fund the Emerge Foundation Scholarship Fund.

The Emerge Foundation

Life’s persistent and most urgent question is “What are you doing for others?” (MLK, Jr) We want to help you help others and provide scholarships through the Emerge Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Beautiful Blessings

Look spectacular and support local non-profits all for only $5 and a shopping spree. Portions of all funds will help young students with entrepreneur training, character development, and scholarships towards 1st year of college. Purchase your dazzling accessories online now. ORDER YOUR JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES NOW. Portions of all of these proceeds fund the Emerge Foundation Scholarship Fund.