Doctoral Preaching Project

Year 1

Doctorate of Ministry in Homiletics

Thesis: I contend that preaching can be a catalyst to transform laity into leaders in the church, community, and marketplace (job). If done intentionally the preacher and their message are able to encourage a person who once only attended worship to aspire and commit actions toward becoming a leader.

The Project: Preach a minimum of 9 sermons and provide an accompanying Bible study follow-up worksheet with each sermon. The sermons should be intentional in its style of delivery variance and content directed at laity transformation.

Dissertation Title: Sound Preaching For Shaky Bridges – Preaching that connects those excluded and the executive to leadership.

How to Highlights: Preachers should be aware of their body language, preach more grace in place of earning God’s favor through deeds, empower the handicapped (disabled & impaired), show connections between narratives of old and narratives now, and prove to each person that their struggle is neither the only or worse struggle in our “glocal” areas.

Academic Program

School: Chicago Theological Seminary c/0 2017

Program: ACTS DMin in Preaching

Dean: Gennifer Brooks

Professors: Dr Frank Thomas, Dr Gennifer Brooks, Dr Stephanie Crowder, Dr James Harris, Dr Paul Scott Wilson, Dr Joy, Dr Eunjoon Kim, Dr Dow Edgerton, Dr Richard, Dr Satterlee, Dr Karyn Wiseman, Dr Mumfry, Dr Wagner, Dr Rippentown, Dr


Styberg Peer Group Fellowship

The Styberg Preaching Institute, with support from Lilly Endowment Inc., has launched A Partnership in Effective Proclamation. This program focuses on developing effective preachers for the church in the twenty-first century. A key component of this program is the formation of Peer Learning Groups for local church pastors under the direction of trained facilitators. Another critical component of this program is focused on the development of skilled teachers of preaching through a pre- or post-doctoral fellowship. PREACHERS CLICK HERE

Year 1

God Is On The Move - Incarnational Translation CORE 1

God Can Bless You Anywhere - Colloquy 1 4 PagesAndIncarnationalTranslation

House of Pain - yr1 4 Pages Elective

Year 2

It's Your Turn - Core 2 Backstory Preaching

HomeComing Party - Find The Other in Glocal Preaching

You Are One Of A Kind - Colloquy2 BackstoryAndGlocalPreaching

Glocal Preaching Practice

Year 3

Just Do It - Core3

Seat At The Table - Prophetic Preaching

Not The First Time - Interwoven Themes YR2Elective

Narrated Weaving Story

Who is God? - Imagery Demonstration