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Coaching Certification

There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. Our facilitated coaching certification cohorts offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills as a coach in any vocation.

CMI-LC faculty coaches have extensive personal experience and have undergone intense trainings and personal mentorships to learn the best coaching techniques available. We have been trained by John Maxwell and his team, Dr. Dwight Riddick Sr, Mels Carbonell, and many more leadership gurus. We would like the opportunity to Coach you into your john2maximum potential.

Leadership Coaching

Our goal as CMI Leadership Coaches is to walk beside you in life and assist you in maximizing your potential. John Maxwell, one of our major influences for life coaching, defined a coach as “…someone who can come alongside you and can correct you without criticizing you in a way that is negative in your life. A coach is a word that means ‘come alongside’. Come alongside and share together, teach, listen and lead.” CMI coaching will involve getting to understand you, your talents, your passion, and your background in order to thrust you forward in life, business, or ministry.

“Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School

Busines StartUP

From an idea in your mind to a fully functioning, funded, with clients, great marketing strategy, and state recognized business; we are your TURN KEY SOLUTION. Allow our team of expert business strategists, lawyers, and marketers help make your business dream a reality.

Whether you want to become a non-profit organization or a fully for-profit business we can help you. We also provide a powerful and loyal business network that will provide business-enhancing partnerships.
Business Startup on Direction Sign - Blue Arrow on a Grey Background.

Additional Services, Just For You!


The goal of coaching is the goal of good management – to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources. – Harvard Business Review

Life coaching has grown dramatically over the past ten years. A life coach works with clients to help them achieve specific results and goals, to help them develop productive behaviors, habits and actions, and to help them perform at their best. (In ministry this concept is called DISCIPLESHIP.)

A life coach starts by helping you figure out what you most want and need right now in order to have the lifestyle, results and outcomes you desire. Clarifying your goals, values and priorities is the first and often most important step your life coach will help you take.
Once you’ve figured out what you want and are clear about why you want it, your life coach helps you develop a strategy for moving from where you are now to where you want to be. Then you’ll develop an action plan to take this high-level strategy and break it down into doable action steps that you can follow to get started.

Once you have your plan in place, your life coach can help you set up the structure, systems and accountability that will not only help you get started, but that will make it much more likely that you’ll actually get the results that you want and are looking for. This often involves changing behaviors, habits and actions in a sustainable and lasting way.

Your life coach is there to support, motivate and encourage you at every step of the process – while also providing that structure and accountability that leads to real long-term results.

CMI-LC provides coaching, mentoring, training and discipleship. However, Coaching is our primary method of choice followed by other forms of educating. While these terms may often be used interchangeably we believe that there are small distinctions in them that make a great difference.

    • Coaching – Empowering an individual to achieve maximum potential by asking the right questions about a person’s current state to assist them in finding answers within themselves.
    • Counseling – Assisting someone with properly handling a past event and its current effect as to overcome hurt and move forward.
    • Discipleship – Leading a person through mentorship to a place of spiritual enlightenment and effective use of their God given gifts.
    • Mentoring – Leading an individual forward by sharing experiences and making parallels to the life of the mentored.
    • Teaching / Training – Providing information that others can use to be productive

Coaching Certification

booksIf you are on this page it is because you are considering helping motivate and educate others & maximize their potential through Coaching. We want to invite you to become one of the highly skilled Certified CMI-Leadership Coaches. I want to thank you for sharing your skill, time, and passion with us and the world. Each potential coach must be interviewed by one of our Faculty Members so that we can agree on the expectations of our life changing coaches. If you are interested  please register here. The Certification Includes: 

 Specialized CMI-LC Training: (24 Hour Access)
Online Academy Videos & Worksheets

  • Professional Coaching (13 Hrs of Training )
  • Connecting Speaking (6 Hrs of Training )
  • Personality Assessment ID (8 Hrs of Training )
  • Business Marketing (8 Hrs of Training )
  • Sales Training ( 5 Hrs of Training)
  • The CMI-Leadership Coaching Value System (13 Hrs of Training)

Training also Includes The Following Curriculum:

  • 6 complete JOHN MAXWELL LEADERSHIP systems
  • 5 complete CMI-LC systems created by Dwight S Riddick
  • 3 complete JOSEPH SANGL systems of FINANCE
  • 3 complete Marriage systems
  • Over 60 hours of systems training.

COURSES ADDED MONTHLY and accessible for a lifetime.

CMI-Leadership Coach Training Academy

  • Online Training Academy
  • Live weekly CMI-LC Team support calls
  • 2 Onsite Trainings
  • Q & A With DSR
  • CMI-LC DVD Set
  • CMI-LC Personalized Promotional Video
  • CMI-LC Brand Use:

Business and Marketing Tools:

  • Authorized CMI-LC Brand Use
  • Free Website
  • Email Templates
  • Business Marketing Templates
  • Call Templates

 3-day Live Training Event

Start the online academy immediately. Official Program begins Feb 8, 2016 and Join Dwight S Riddick and CMI-LC Faculty in April & August of 2016 in Virginia Beach, VA for onsite Coaching Workshops.

Personal Business Set-Up

Inclusion of your resource product placed in CMI-LC bookstore.

Get Listed in the Crowned Speakers Bureau

Ongoing support and lead/client generation

Did you read something that peaks your coaching interest, let us know so that you can began on the CMI-LC development. As you know we have  made the investment to train with John Maxwell so much of the training is John Maxwell Team (JMT) material as exact videos that I learned from my experience being certified. I must give this disclaimer: Viewing these videos DOES NOT MAKE YOU a JOHN MAXWELL CERTIFIED  COACH. We have been authorized via our Coaching training by John Maxwell to use his resources in our Certification.

If You Interested Please Let Us Know So That We Can Contact You.

Business StartUp

Let us take your business idea and turn it into a fully licensed, branded, and effectively operating business. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Help develop a business plan
  • Provide client building tools
  • Obtain your LLC, INC, or 501(c)3 non-profit status
  • Create your marketing strategy (plus create your logo, and marketing materials)


  • Marketing video by Dwight Shawrod Riddick, introducing you and speaking on the value of working with you as a certified CMI-LC BUSINESS NETWork Team member.
  • Marketing brochures/templates for product and program packaging
  • Template emails
  • Auto responders templates
  • Facilitator and student guides for workshop lessons for business building.
  • Presentation scripts, with power points for business building

Leadership Training

It’s a fact of organizational life: Leadership communication goes hand-in-hand with success—and the effective application of this skill is particularly essential in an uncertain economy when painful business decisions are made daily. Let us help
deepen your self-awareness with executive leadership training and empower your staff to improve performance!


  • Reason #1 – Become a Better Leader

    Grow within your family, church, organization, company, and business.

  • Reason #2 – Access, Influence & Experience

    By learning from John, co-branding with the Maxwell name and partnering with the Team, you will be more successful and earn MORE money in less time.

  • Reason #3 – Support

    You will join because of John. You will be successful because you will not be alone! We are a community of thousands of top leaders, in every industry!

All the knowledge, resources, training and support you would expect from the top leadership training and development company are all included.

You will receive advanced leadership knowledge

This is NOT just about reading a leadership book, or attending a workshop or seminar. This program contains 40+ years of leadership know-how, from the heart of John Maxwell, Dwight Riddick, Joseph Sangl, and many others that in this combination can ONLY be found here at CMI-LC

All throughout this Program, you will experience John’s “Maxwell Philosophy”, CMI-LC Philosophy, and other transforming key leadership principles, come to life. And, it will not only enhance your understanding of what it means of how to be a leader, but will allow you to share this knowledge with those you would like to impact and help maximize the potential of.

Workshops & Seminars

CMI-LC leadership seminars help you develop the qualities of good leadership that are essential for career and organizational success, especially in a tough economic climate.

Improve your performance by increasing your effective leadership skills and be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world. CMI-LC’s leadership training courses and seminars provide numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership in you and in your team.

These leadership training courses and seminars help you maximize your potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like: team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. All leadership seminars teach valuable insights, proven to work in a “real world” environment. Register today for one of CMI-LC’s leadership seminars on effective leadership skills to boost your performance every day with influences from John Maxwell and many others.

Book Publishing

We want to read and publish your book. We offer many packages and will customize the publishing process to fit your budget, timeline, and individual needs. ALL Publishing Packages come with FREE WEBINARS on Book writing, publishing, and marketing. Below you will find a standard Publishing Package to help you get an idea of typical publishing cost. Your package will be CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS.

Professionally published paperback check1 check1 check1
10 Free Books check1 check1 check1
Opportunity to make 100 proof changes check1 check1 check1
Full-color standard cover check1 check1 check1
Choice of 10 standard trim sizes check1 check1 check1
Choice of white or cream interior check1 check1 white
Professional typeset interior check1 check1 check1
ISBN check1 check1 check1
Registered with the US Copyright Office check1 check1 check1
Library of Congress number check1 check1 check1
Registration with Bowkers “Books in Print” check1 check1 check1
Distribution with Amazon (USA) check1 check1 check1
Set up with Amazon’s “Search Inside” check1 check1 check1
Monthly Book Sale Reports check1 check1 check1
Quarterly Book Sales Payments check1 check1 check1
Opportunity to purchase books at cost check1 check1 check1
Complete Author ownership of all files check1 check1 check1
Easy link to “Order More Books” form check1 check1 check1
First year’s registration fees check1 check1 check1
($75 each year after)
Prices starting at:




*Additional charges: eBooks, editing services, expanded distribution, cover upgrades, marketing product

Speakers Bureau

Are you a professional speaker and need exposure? Do you want to become a professional speaker? Would you like to INCREASE YOUR INCOME sharing stories and motivating others? Join our Speakers Bureau. Whether you are a speaker who specializes in motivating an audience or you have an inspirational story of how you are overcoming adversity, or would just like to share your life lessons let us assist you.

  • Get Listed
  • Get trained to effectively communicate
  • Maximize the potential of others with positive content
  • Project with confidence and authenticity
  • Learn strategies for building a speaking business
  • Add to your income
  • Get Coaching on Non-Verbal communication
  • Receive recommendations for speaking engagements

CMI-LC Foundation

The  CMI-LC Foundation (a fund raising & economic empowerment arm of CMI-LC INC) is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing financial support and economic education to youth entering college and young adult professionals seeking to become global leaders.


  • CMI-LC Foundation will be proficient in providing financial support and education to enrich and develop emerging global leaders.


  • CMI-LC Foundation will engage community and business partners in the support of empowering and resourcing youth, and young adults; while providing cutting edge financial education, scholarships, and grants we will develop a networked community of global leaders.

What We Do:

  • Provide Economic empowerment resources, network, and education to emerging leaders
    • Youth Financial Literacy
    • Young Adult – Mind Your Business Seminars (teach entrepreneurship)
    • Professionals – Make Your Network Your Net Worth
  • Raise & Distribute Funds for Scholarships & Grants
    • Ade’ Walker Scholarship (JMU Student)
    • Every other year HBCU, PWI, Community
    • Selected Non-profit Organizations
  • Provide Philanthropist Opportunities
    • Recruit like-minded donors
    • Invest financial gifts to maximize returns
    • Create a wealth building global network


  • Help Fund Our Scholarship Efforts
  • Aide an emerging scholar in their Global Exposure
  • Gain Financial Knowledge & Secrets to Success
  • Network with like-minded entrepeneurs