A harbinger of true change and transformation, Stacey Speller is a global force, an in-demand speaker, a passionate lifestyle designer, columnist & author of two books, “Directions 2 Destiny” and “The Designer Life.” Stacey stands out among a myriad of voices because of her charming, yet direct approach to topics like leadership and matters of the heart. Prompting her audience to actively pursue living better lives, Stacey offers an irrefutable plain truth that is both empowering and uplifting. A common thread within her messages is the assertion that individuals have the power to create the lives they desire to live. Her “Designer Life” movement galvanizes people all over the world to move beyond complacency and walk in authority. Stacey offers wisdom based on her most painful experiences and her most joyous moments, making her messages real and relevant to her audience.

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