Growing up in England and being unsure of a career direction I entered the corporate world by default, where I developed into managerial and public relations positions in the British music industry, European manufacturing, the shipping industry, and in healthcare.

This time of my life was financially rewarding, busy, and very full, but not fulfilling.
Something was missing – ME!
My body gradually took the toll of living a life I didn’t want to be in and I became physically ill.

After travelling down the conventionaI route to become well and finding that it just skimmed the surface of what I needed to become fully well and empowered, I turned to alternative modalities as a means of recovery, which improved not only my physical health but also my whole outlook on my life.

I was so impressed with the results I decided to learn more about the body mind connection and how to read the body and the messages people were sending and receiving. By 1993 I had Diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology, Massage, and Aromatherapy and utilsing previous business skills opened my own business in the UK.

Recognising that ownership of our success and well being rests with us, enabled me to share my knowledge and show people how to take leadership of themselves and their lives both personally and professionally.

At this time I consciously re-connected with my highly tuned intuitive abilities experienced since a child and my ability to ‘read’ people.  Learning to manage and focus this gift enabled me to utilise it alongside my business background and training to assist clients to generate greater awareness and success at a core level.

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