Who Are We?

Our moto

Today we are going to maximize your potential!

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Since 1999 we have been equipping global leaders and providing cutting edge leadership methods.

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A combination of 1-on-1 coaching, onsite seminars, online on your time training academy, conference call masterminds, and conferences to meet your needs.

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The Foundation

CMI-LC provides scholarships to high school seniors and grants to non-profit organizations annually, while equipping and creating emerging philanthropist. Join and help us max the potential of others.

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visionThe VISION of CMI-LC is to provide next level leadership training that maximizes the potential of others, equips coaches, and transforms ideas into reality while delivering exposure through expanded global networking.


The mission of Crowned Ministries International Leadership Coaching Network (CMI-LC) is to create relationships through coaching that provides individuals tools, skills, and training that will empower them to share with others to maximize the potential of emerging global leaders.


Coaching Certification Schedule

  • Nov – Jan: New Cohort Applications Accepted
  • Feb – Aug: Currently From February – August

** Online Academy is Available 24/7 For life and is offered via hardcopy and in a DVD set for nominal fee upon successful completion of Certificaiton

Annual Events

  • January – Leadership Combine (Date TBA)
  • April – Better Business Seminar (Date TBA)
  • August – Coaching Certification Closing Program (TBA)

Master Mind Sessions

  • Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – Morning Max Potential (PS)
  • Monday 8:30 PM EST – FREE Leadership 101 (CC)
  • Thursday 8:30 PM EST – Paid Featured Master Mind (CC)
  • Saturday 8:30 AM EST – Coaching Certification Training (CC, PS)

** Key: (CC) – Conference Call      (PS) – Periscope (@dsriddick2)


DSRbioPicCMI-Leadership Coaching Founder and Lead Coach, Dwight Shawrod Riddick, II (DSR2) is adamant about serving, equipping, and maximizing the potential of others.

As a John Maxwell Team member, Doctoral Candidate, adjunct professor, and Senior Pastor, DSR2 CMI-LC is his platform of choice to share all he has learned, experienced, and received to develop his personal library with anyone who desires to grow individually or their organization. (View full Bio Here)

Why Coaching?

CMI-LC provides coaching, mentoring, training and discipleship. However, Coaching is primary method of choice followed by other forms of educating. While these terms may often be used interchangeable we believe that there are small distinctions in them that make a great difference.

    • Coaching – Empowering an individual to achieve maximum potential by asking the right questions about a person’s current state to assist them in finding answers within themselves.
    • Counseling – Assisting someone with properly handling a past event and its current effect as to overcome hurt and move forward.
    • Discipleship – Leading a person through mentorship to a place of spiritual enlightenment and effective use of their God given gifts.
    • Mentoring – Leading an individual forward by sharing experiences and making parallels to the life of the mentored.
  • Teaching / Training – Providing information that others can use to be productive

 “The goal of coaching is the goal of good management – to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources. – Harvard Business Review

Why Join Us?

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  • Gain priceless information on becoming a better leader, coach, and person from highly experienced, trained, and skilled faculty.
  • Make an impact on the lives of others by helping them maximize their potential.
  • Much of the 8 month training takes place via conference call & online making it very convenient for busy schedules.
  • All calls are recorded for LIFETIME playback and review.
  • Create a coaching business thus providing additional income to your household.
  • Study the methods and tactics of John Maxwell from a certified John Maxwell Team Member.
  • Receive over $7500 worth of resources for less than half of the investment.
  • Get a self-sustained, effective business website that markets your skill set.
  • Network with global leaders to assist in maximizing your potential.
  • Join a speaker’s bureau that has proven itself in the market.
  • Begin the process of maximizing your potential!


  • Getting more information than you may have time for can make this an overwhelming experience.
  • This is an 8-month commitment that will require your time and effort in order to be immediately valuable.
  • Much of the 8-month training takes place via conference call & online opposed to face to face.
  • While you WILL have live interactions with John Maxwell THIS IS NOT A JMT Certification. It is lead by a JMT member and provides access to John Maxwell, his staff, and resources for a CMI-LC Certification.
  • It is not an academically accredited program, and cannot go directly towards a diploma of higher continuing education units.

More Questions?

Are there questions you have that are not answered here? We would love to help. Please email our founder at cmilcoach@gmail.com

Our People Are Your People?

Syreeta Bailey Stewart, Esq

Syreeta Bailey Stewart, Esq

CMI Attorney (Business Start-up)
Rubin Cuffee

Rubin Cuffee

CMI-LC Business Coach
Dexter Godfrey

Dexter Godfrey

Mentoring Coach

Nicole Ellis

CMI-LC Health Coach
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