Anythony Robbins says that it’s simple to make any huge change in your life—all you have to do is alter how you define yourself.

Instead of saying “I am quitting smoking,” you should say “I am not a smoker.”

This is a psychological trick. A tool if you will. A “re-frame.” And it’s a good one. But it’s not necessarily the only one.

Another theory is to change your, what Stephen Guise calls “Mini Habits.” In this method, instead of making a huge switch in your identity, you give yourself permission to have small wins.

Instead of committing to “I will go to the gym 5 days a week,” you say “I will put on my gym shoes every morning.” Added up over time, this mini-habit will turn into a larger habit.


I don’t believe that there’s one way to be successful any more than we believe that there’s only one way to learn. More important than the size of the step you take, is that you take a step.

So ask yourself—what are you doing today to become a better person?


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