“Don’t go to your grave with your best work inside of you. Die empty.” – Todd Henry

menThe above is part of a quote from author Todd Henry. While his book really motivates the reader to commit to action and not allow your ambitions to die with you, it had a different meaning for me. As soon as I read this book and quote I began to understand legacy, heritage, and mentorship. This quote made me think, that while I am not a professional or perfect at anything, I have indeed experienced and learned alot. I believe that someone can benefit from personal mentorship time where I simply empty out everything I know about any area of life that I have acquired information.

Since then, I have been intentional about mentoring others. Every year I connect with 3 teens, 3 young adults, and 3 adult men with the sole purpose of letting them into my personal life, and easing into theirs for in depth life mentoring. I believe that mentoring is different from Pastoring, coaching, or even discipling. Mentoring is life development through shared experiences.

If you are interested in connecting as a protege’ or you have someone that you believe could benefit from this type of mentorship please email me. If you are interested in just connecting to for Ministry Mentoring or Leadership Mentoring please check out CMI-Leadership Coaching where we have specific learning tracts to help you maximize your potential.

Additionally, I have been priviledged through ministry groups and CMI-Leadership Coaching to weekly/monthly mentor young men’s groups (Gideon Warriors is our church group, Men On A Mission is the school/community group). If you are interested in becoming a mentor and would like to assist regularly or just share in a single setting with younger men your experience or expertise, please contact me for more information.

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