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“Eye” SEE The Problem Now


So back in November of 2015 I acquired what I thought was a stye on my left eye lid. I was sure that is what it was, and while it was not attractive it was not painful. It was a red enlarged bump, that was not normally there. My friends and wife suggested that I get it looked at and recommended an optometrist. The stye did not hurt, so I wasn’t rushing to have a remedy. I was pretty okay with it, believing that over time it would go away.

Per their recommendation, I went to the optometrist and she quicly suggested a home cure. “Take a hot cloth soaked in vinegar and salt water and apply it twice a day.” I did it once the first couple of days, but after seeing no immediate change started skipping days. It was that I intentionally wanted to be disobedient, I just didn’t find the stye as something that was priority.

I returned to the optometrist only to be given multiple options of how this ailment could be treated. At this point, in May of 2016, I still have the stye along with multiple treatments that gaurantee it could be removed. However, I still have the stye. This morning it dawned on me that this may be the unspoken challenge to ministry.

I have been drilling answers, and solutions through ministry. I, like many, have preached Jesus and the solution to a better life but haven’t seen the changes in people. To be honest it could start to get discouraging. Then, God reminded me of how I was treating my Optometrist.

Let’s parallel the roles. Let’s make my Optometrist the Minister and me the congregant or disciple. It would seem that She has provided all of the answers and even suggested that if I didn’t apply the home remedy or seek the minor surgery that overtime the “infection” not stye could create future problems. This was the closest she came to convincing me that I needed a remedy.She confirmed that what I thought it was, a stye, was absolutely wrong, but in fact there was a deeper issue.  I, however, as the patient or congregant still have not found an urgency to get this fix. Why? Why not make the call and get the surgery? I’m not afraid of the procedure. Why not take time only twice a day to apply the vinegar and salt water treatment? Why keep the bump on my eye when I have had so many answers given to how to fix? I have had friends, family, and my wife attempt to convince me to get it fixed, but I have not yet been compelled.

I concluded, that I definitely need to get it fix, but I have reasons why I haven’t committed to any 1 method. So, that this doesn’t get to be too long of a blog, let me just submit this idea.

Maybe in addition to the remedies that we spend so much time on preparing. The sermons, songs, and studies that provide answers, we should also spend some time ministering to the motivation of those around us. I fear that many, like myself, no they have the right answers but feel no urgency to apply these Gospel truths.

This a rare open ended blog that simply raises an awareness. An awareness that there is need for motivation before the ministry in order for ministry to be effective. Let me know you create this.

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