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Dare to Find Your Inner Dory

Lessons from Disneys Dory

doryHere are a few life lessons that I gleaned from watching the Disney/Pixar Movie “Finding Dory”. Overall it was a great and fun movie. Let the Learning begin.

opening short film. There was an opening short film of a small crab being introduced to eating. His mother and other crabs teach ime one way, but he meets a bird that does it differently. — Lesson: Exposure to people that are not apart of your current culture and context or are simply not of your kind will teach you lessons that will save and change how your family or culture acts. This new way did not just help him, but it was taught to all of the crabs and everyone benefits from it.

Train Up a Child In The Way They Should Go. In this movie Dory’s parents teach her what they want her to learn as a child so that she can exist as an adult. Sure enough, even with her lack of memory, and extreme amnesia she was able when it was MOST necessary. to recall what she had been taught. What was interesting is that they felt it necessary to teach her not so or because she was perfect, but instead because she had a flaw. Lesson: It’s okay to notice your child’s flaws and rear them in a way that makes them better as they age.

Never loose Hope – Parents laid shells every day in every direction so that if Dory ever tried to coming home, she would find her way…even though they moved or made a change the life principle was the same. The movie reveals that even when Dory’s parents couldn’t see her they still believed and HOPED in her.  — Lesson: No matter where your children or loved ones are, always believe that they will return home. This is evident not in words, but in your behavior. Whatever your “shells” are, leave a living sign that you have been preparing for their return.

Destiny – The largest animal in the entire movie was named Destiny and she was partially blind. She could not see where she was going but was connected to a friend who made a “Sound” that provided her sight and encouragement.  — Lesson: This is a great image of each of our personal destiny’s. Our Destiny’s aren’t something you can always see, sometimes you have to follow the mentor voices, and patterns that will lead you. There are fears with exploring your Destiny, but with the proper “sound” or encouragement your Destiny can also be released for your benefit.

Just Keep Swimming – There’s a moment in the movie when Dory is confused and must make a decision. After not successfully coming to a great idea or an answer, she resolves to “Just Keep Swimming. — Lesson:  Go for it! dont quit! You don’t have to know everything some things come as you go. When you wait for an answer or great idea before moving you may be delaying your journey. Sometimes you have to just keep swimming and both purpose and the plan will unfold.

What would Dory do? – When Nemo and his father were lost, they asked each other this simple question… “What would Dory do?” — Lesson: We should never assume that we have all the answers. It is always a great practic to consider the ideas of others. What you will find is that we are all products of our environments so consider alternatives and then dig deep and find your own voice among theirs. Nemo and his father did, but so did Dory. Dory even stopped and asked herself, “what would Dory do?”, because there are times we act differently than our character and need to assess ourselves.

and FINALLY,Father and son team

Father and son team – Marlon and Nemo helped each other. I cannot help but notice that Marlon and Nemo were never separated in the movie. To see an older male assisting a younger male, and vice versa is always worth noting. — Lesson: Generations need each other and someone needs you. You also go further when connected with someone not in your generation. Also, there’s something special when men empower, encourage, and interact with other men. Especially when Father’s are present.

These are my personal lessons from The “Finding Dory” Movie, what are your thoughts.


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