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2017 Head Start

This Blog post is just me trying to get a head start on 2017. If you are new to this BLOG this is really a personal online journal I keep to chronicle life, lessons, revelations, and experiences. Thanks for sharing your time and comments. I decided to write and post today opposed to waiting for Jan 1, 2017 as to get a head start. I mean why wait for the year change to make a change. Join me on this journey through a year guaranteed to be BETTER than ever and a time I will create ROOTS to RISE (that’s our church 2017 theme). Next year I have a few goals but let me first reevaluate last years goals. 

Actually these are the Goals for 2015 that took me two years to work on. Lol. 

Here are the Goals from the list that were not completed after 2016

1) Did that. Added Scripture Flash Cards that I created every month.

2) Was a little sketchy. I kept most of the dates, but have already set some for 2017. ADDING THIS TO 2017

3) Did that. Dealing with Delay

4) Did that. Kinda. Learned The opening to The Tale of Two Cities, but I want to memorize more of it.

5) Did That… but I replaced them with more time wasters. ADDING IT TO 2017

6) Nope. It just didn’t happen. ADDING IT TO 2017

7) Kinda. I did a Bubble Run?! Lol. Not exactly an obstacle course but it was my first Run. ADDING SPARTAN RACE 2017

8) I just didn’t do this. I have good excuses, but they are still excuses…. so… ADDING IT TO 2017

9) Started out good From Jan-May, then chose 2 ministries and sowed there for the remainder of the year. ADDING IT TO 2017

10) Started off with 13, but it ended with 5 people I personally Coached outside of ministry discipleship. ADDING IT TO 2017

11) Did it. Not making full profit on Rent… yet, but Property has been acquired and has a renter.

12) Spent much more friend time than years past, but have some friends I didn’t get with as much as desired. ADDING IT TO 2017.

That’s My RECAP – 

So, as you see I have some work to do. Trust me, I didn’t share this just for you to evaluate me, I shared it so that I would have it chronicled and in hopes that it would entice you to also seriously evaluate where you are and what you have have/have not accomplished before going into 2017. I once heard Pastor Lance Watson teach, “You cannot manage, what you cannot measure.” – Watson. So I ask you, what are your MEASURABLE goals for 2017. Remember if you fail to plan, you are really planning to fail, and God has too much ahead of you for failure to be an option. 



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